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Hallo! <3 Dies hier war mal ein trauriger Blog. Nun soll er dazu da sein, die Welt im Internet ein kleines Bisschen fröhlicher zu machen =^.^= Wer Lust und Laune hat, kann sich bei mir melden, ich unterhalte mich mit jedem gerne, versuche zu helfen, wo es geht und hoffe, ein paar Leute hier etwas mehr für die schönen Seiten des Lebens zu begeistern =) [denn Schwarzsehen kann ja jeder....!] Viel Spaß mit dem Blog wünscht Jo alias Kami

randomness, Abschiede und Vampire

Ist ein geniales Buch! I love the books so much - I am reading the second part right now and somehow I feel like wrikting in English.

Yesterday I got a new LCD-monitor *yay* and today a new keyboard. I have to get used to it at first, that's why I can't write so fast at the moment... but you guys don't have to care weather I write fast or not :P

So the second book - new moon - starts up very, very depressing. Especially for me - because I had to say good bye to my boyfriend this monday, too - for a very long time. -.-

Well, so I was just almost crying as I read what Edward did (had to do?) to Bella. He left her all alone and she fell in a real big depression. I think I almost had a one that hard but at least I am still in touch with my boyfriend... So it's not that critical but still hurting.

I got the second and third book today - and I have read the first third of the "new moon"-book yet! I thought after the Harry Potter novels I'd never ever read a book so fast - but the Twilight-saga seems to even top that!

I just love the stories; it's like real life! (Despite the fact that there are blood sucking vampires...^^) 

Now you've read enough of my simple randomness of the day. Please tell me when you think I suck at writing English - or better don't?! xD

Have a nice evening...


Kami aka Jo c.

8.1.09 18:41


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